Product nameUsage areas
BENZOPHENO – 3For protection factor purposes in oil-based products
BENZOPHENON – 4Sun filter, also paint protector against UV rays in water-based products
BETAINE 35%-45%Irritation reducer with cleaning feature
CARNAUBA WAXIt is used as a brightener.
CETAC 30Moisturizer, cream effect for hair care products
COCOAMID KDEFor foam stabilization and consistency
EDTAIon trap
MPG – USP QUALITYReduces irritation, gives softness
PEG-40 HCOessence emulsifier
POLYQUARTERNIUM – 7Humidification, foam stabilization, antistatic
SETIL STEARIL ALCOHOL 30/70O/W Cream raw material; thickener base
SLES 70%High foaming surfactant for cleaning
SLSAnionic surfactant for full foam
STEARIC ACID 18/43For softening, moisturizing
TRIETHANOLAMINE 85% – 99%It is used in pH regulator, acid neutralization.
PROPYLENE GLYCOLIt is used as a freezing agent in the cosmetics, pharmaceutical and essence industries.