About DTRAW 

DTRAW has core competencies in the supply of chemical feed stocks and specialty chemicals, silicon and silicon derivatives, and in container logistics.

The main elements of DTRAW strategy is development of individual business divisions through use of potential of the new market segments and diversification of a product portfolio according to present consumer trends.

We develop and introduce into the production process modern materials and chemical formulations, often customised for clients operating in various industries. Our chemical company offer over 132 products including chemical raw materials and industrial formulations, intermediates, finished products and consumer goods.

Our Lab partners provides comprehensive services in the field of analytical tests, involving a full analysis and control of quality of samples taken from technological processes, raw materials and products. The company also specializes in comprehensive tests and measurements in the field of environmental protection and harmful factors in the work environment.


The storage and handling of hazardous materials requires suitable facilities and highly qualified employees. With many years of experience as well as our trained experts, DTRAW is a reliable logistics and storage partner for companies in the chemical industry